An enormous 5 metre wide catamaran was loaded in Petershead, Scotland  for a fisherman in Co Donegal, Ireland. It was so wide that it required  two police escorts plus our own private escort to get our driver out of Petershead to the main dual carrigeway. This was a slow movement which was driven to Birkenhead for the ferry across to Belfast. Our escort vehicle drove home and another one was waiting on the docks to take the driver the rest of the journey to be offf loaded in Greencastle, Co Donegal.

After a 24 hour rest period  it was then onto Limerick to load a  motor cruiser for our customer in Norway. This was taken by a serously long 43 hour ferry to Brevick, Norway . The cruiser was unloaded on the dockside for our customer and our driver drove to a ferry bridge to reach Denmark. It was then a drive to Germany and into the Netherlands where our next customers racing yacht was waiting for collection in Lelystad. It was 13 meters long and had a mast in another location to carry on the top of the yacht with a length of 20 meters. As it was so long it had to be loaded on top of the boat for transport for safety reasons. The delivery address was Dublin for the yacht so it was back on the ferry again arriving in Rosslare  and driving to Dublin for delivery.

By now the driver was starting to make his journey home. Arriving in Pembrokeshire off the ferry, it was a short drive to Weston-Super-Mare to load a customers boat to be delivered to Weymouth. This was achieved by the next day and the driver drove back to the yard by the afternoon and ready for his time away from the truck before it was off again to unknown destinations in the Uk and Europe. One thing  for sure, the job is definately varied and the drivers never get bored as they never know where their next boat will take them.


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