A sailing yacht had a refurbishment in Essex and we were asked to transport the keel of the yacht also to be refurbished in a foundry in Wadebridge, Cornwall. The keel was extremely heavy and large in size. It weighed 20 tonne and was 7 meters long and 3 meters high. This required our strongest trailer to move it and it was left at the foundry while having its refurbishment for a number of weeks before collecting again to be reunited with the yacht in Essex.

We have been very busy with our boat movements, a lot of them being in the Uk and Ireland. 

A boat was loaded in Exeter, Devon and delivered to Lowestoft, Norfolk for our customer. Then the driver went to Holyhead for his ferry to Dublin to collect a Jeanneau motor cruiser which he then brought back to Essex to be delivered for our customer.

Our driver drove to Eastbourne and loaded a large Catamaran that was 4.9 m wide which was escortable due to the size of it. This requires a lot of skill from our drivers and abnormal load permission notices from all police force areas you drive through. A thorough assessment of the route needs to be undertaken before a movement of this size is started. There are many road restictions that have to be taken into consideration, including low bridges and when crossing on a ferry to your delivery address the width, height and ground clearance for entering and exiting the ferry.

Our wide load escort vehicle escorted the driver all the way to Birkenhead where he boarded the ferry with the load and sailed to Dublin. He escorted the Catamaran in Ireland to Killybegs where the customer wanted the Catamaran for fishing expeditions. The escort vehicle was then loaded onto the truck and the driver came back to England in the truck with the truck driver. 

One of the drivers loaded a boat in Poole and drove to Portsmouth for the crossing to Caen, France and drove to Ill de O'leron, France to deliver for our customer. He then drove to La Turballe, France and loaded a yacht which he then delivered to our customer in Port Hamble before driving back to our base in Cornwall.


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