Our driver loaded our customers boat in Southampton and drove to Portsmouth to Brittany Ferries for the sailing to Caen N France. He had his regulation break time and then drove down through France to Italy where he boarded another ferry to get him to Greece. From Greece he then was on another ferry to Corfu where he delivered the boat for our customer. This was a fair undertaking  and required a lot of planning to work out ferry timings and driving, rest periods. 

After delivering the boat the driver was on the ferry back to Brindisi, Italy. He then drove up Italy into S France where he was to collect his next load in Port Napoleon which was a mast to be delivered to St Valerie in N France. The driver was then back on the ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth for his onwards journey home to Cornwall.

Our other driver was loading a boat in Mylor, Cornwall to be delivered to Antibes, S France. He drove to Portsmouth for the ferry to Caen, N France and once again after his required rest period he was off driving down France to S. France for his delivery.

His next boat movement was to be loaded in Plymouth, Devon and taken to La Trinite Sur Mer, Brittany, France. This was an over width Motor Cruiser and had to be escorted in France. The wide load escort was waiting at the ferry terminal and took the driver to La Trinite before going off to do another job. Our driver drove to Pont Aven, Brittany and loaded a small boat for our next customer and drove to Roscoff for his ferry back to Plymouth. This boat was delivered to Cornwall the following day. The driver then drove to Falmouth and loaded his next boat to be taken to The Thames near London, where he also reloaded another boat and delivered it back to Falmouth for the same customer

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