We are now into the new year with new challenges ahead. The Covid 19 restrictions with test and trace for truck drivers and the new customs procedures and rules in place for crossing into Europe after Brexit. As we get used to the new way of working the trials will become easier.

Our boat transport movement took us into France last week. Our customer wanted a family sailing yacht brought back from Brittany to Wales. This movement required customs documents so the customer supplied our customs agent in Britain with ownership documents and any other paperwork relevant to the yacht. He then passed this on to his counterpart in Brittany and after collection of the yacht our driver drove to the customs office in Nantes and collected the customs document with the movement number required to get you on to your ferry and back into the UK.

The customs document was copied by the customs authority at the port and the driver was able to get on the ferry and sail to Poole where his customs document along with his French health certificate and British health locator form were checked and all verified so he was able to complete his journey.

We have also had a movement from France to S Ireland which also was completed with a satisfied customer. It will be different for customers to have to now go through customs agents to get their boats delivered into and out of Europe but it can be achieved satisfactorily and will become the new way of movements between the UK and EU.

The week before both of our drivers had two loads of boat moulds from a boat builders yard that had to be delivered from North Walsham, Norfolk to Falmouth, Cornwall. The moulds were 65ft long and 4.8mt wide after they had been cut up for transport. There were two transports this size that required police escort motorbikes through Norfolk aswell as our private escort vehicle that went all the way with the loads to Cornwall before picking up another escort vehicle to get them through Truro and Falmouth. After unloading it was back up to North Walsham again to collect the last two loads of smaller moulds.



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