Our customer wanted his motor cruiser collected from Roses, Spain and delivered to Crosshaven, S Ireland. This was an over 3 mtr wide boat and a pilot car escort and permit was required in and Spain and S Ireland. Once our permits were applied for by our agents and we had received them and the boats paperwork, our driver was able start his trip. An overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Caen, France arrived early the next morning for our driver to start his drive down the centre of France. By the following morning he was making good time and crossed the Milau Bridge in dark cloud, sleet, hale and minus temperatures. After leaving the bridge and driving through the mountains the clouds cleared, the sun came out and the teperature rose.

After having another long day driving he arrived in Roses Marina at the end of the day ready to load the boat and have it strapped down for transport to make an early start the next morning.

The pilot car escort arrived and the route was to take them to the ferry port at Bilbao, Spain for the Bilbao to Rosslare crossing.On the second day we received an email from Brittany Ferries to say the ferry was cancelled due to a storm coming. From then on it was all change and we had to organise another pilot car escort to take our driver up to Cherbourg, France to get the Cherbourg to Rosslare ferry as this was the only crossing left for him. Having booked his crossing and making good time he was once more stranded with the next storm and this ferry cancelled. After sitting in Cherbourg docks for two days with no hope of getting to Ireland within the following week as another storm was forecast he made the desicion to drop the trailer and have it shipped on its own to Ireland on the next available crossing. The driver then booked a Cherbourg to Portsmouth crossing for himself in the unit and drove back to Cornwall to collect his spare trailer and do delayed work in Cornwall.

The customers motor cruiser was shipped on the following Saturday and arrived in Rosslare on Sunday evening ready for our driver to collect it on Monday morning after he had crossed to Rosslare overnight. The Pilot car escort had been arranged and met our driver at the port to take him to Crosshaven and delivered the boat to our customer. An overnight ferry was made again and the driver was thankfully back in Pembroke to start work again.

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