Tentative enquiries started to come in again post Coronavirus lockdown. All leiseure marinas and boat yards were closed down immediately and work stopped overnight for boat transport.

Well, there was nothing to do about it so maintenance on trailers and trucks became our priority. One trailer went for repair on its structure to a specialist body repairer who was still open and assured us he had the workforce to see the work finalised. As the days went on the emplyees dropped off for self isolating reasons and in the end it was left to a final one or two workers to finish. With many thanks we were able to collect it to take back to our work yard. We were very thankful to see it all ready for us to undercoat and top coat it in paint.

We had decided to paint one of our other trailers to bring it up to freshness also and had bought the paint on the day before lockdown. As the weather was on our side we got on with the first trailer and then we were ready for the second one on its return from its repair. We then touched up the trucks cabs and the wheels, renewed the pads that protect the boats during transport, sorted out and maintained the props and straps. We managed to get so much down time work achieved that we just wouldn't normally have had time to do.

We missed the Easter boat moves which is always such a busy time of year as it is when most customers want to get their boats into the water to start on their own maintenance and sailing for the season

Towards the end of April the first boat was delivered from our 'tentative enquiries'. This boat had been built for a customer who had been waiting for over a month for it until he was able to get a lift off transport for it in Dover, which was a commercial port and able to lift off. Then it was on to collect two boats that had also finished production and were able to be loaded and unloaded under strict government guidence distancing rules. the two boats had to be delivered to Holland and the ferry was taking haulage and drivers in smaller numbers. One driver to a cabin and socils distancing in place.

It was good to get the first job under our belt with new working conditions, hand gel, antibacterial wipes and sprays, masks and gloves. A challange, but it may be the new way of working for a while to come. We will all have to change our usual routines, but so long as it keeps everyone safe and well it is a change worth making.

Both trucks are now running across the Uk and Europe with boat movements for our customers who we can only say thank you to for having us to move their boats and to help us to keep the economy going.


 If you are interested in using Andersons to transport your boat anywhere across the UK and Europe, then please contact us on 01208 862179 or mobile 07802 767650.  Alternatively you can email us on info@andersonsboattransport.com or use our contact form here.