Boat deliveries into and out of Europe are becoming easier as the Covid 19 rules are easing. Health forms are still required to enter into France and return to the Uk. A Covid 19 test is required before travelling to Germany with a negative result.

Customs procedures for our customers and drivers are becoming part of the new way of working since Brexit in January 2021. Ferry companies have put in place new booking systems where we have to enter the customers customs document number to show the boat has gone through customs so it doesnt hold up transportation into or out of the EU.

Customs documents must be organised and in place by our customs agent before all boat movements are finalised. The customers supply all information regarding the boat and ownership details to the agent and the agent supplies the customs document.

This document has to be collected from the designated customs agent where the driver is collecting or delivering the boat to. The driver has to take the boat to the customs agent to confirm its identity before the customs document is handed over.

We have successfully delivered boats to and from France, Germany, Holland and Italy since Brexit came into force.

We have also been moving  our customers boats around the UK to Eastbourne, Cardiff, Falmouth, Lymington, Devon and Largs, Scotland. A beautiful traditional sailing yacht was delivered yesterday morning to Largs Marina in Scotland from Falmouth in Cornwall. This was a long drive that was loaded on Thursday evening before starting the long drive up the country early on Friday morning trying to get ahead of the holiday traffic. There was plenty of traffic especially on the M6 but the truck was able to keep moving and arrived in Largs on Saturday morning after a very good trip. He sat for the rest of the day and was able to unload on Sunday morning before starting his journey back down the country.


If you are interested in using Andersons to transport your boat anywhere across the UK and Europe, then please contact us on 01208 862179 or mobile 07802 767650.  Alternatively you can email us on or use our contact form here.